Welcome to the UX Corner!

Following our last Meetup we chatted about setting up a blog for the UX Corner. Well it's finally here! To create the kind of group we're after we need to listen to what you guys are interested in and what you want to find out about. So, with that it mind, the aim of the blog is to:
  • Post suggestions for future events and get your feedback
  • Share some recommended articles before the event so anyone interested can begin to understand the topic before the event
  • Post news and things we discussed for people to follow up on after the event
From time to time we might also share other upcoming events, good reads and anything else. Plus if anyone has something they're keen to share (an event, a link, an article), then send it on to uxcorner-dot-london-at-gmail-dot-com.

We'll be holding our next event in October, so stay tuned for more info!